Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Creative Alchemy, That's My Word For 2012

Making art, making art...la la la la la...making art. That's what I've been doing the last few days.

Working on my Book of Days cover and my first spread. Finally made my first ATC, it was for a challenge. And working on Tee's "Fire and Ice" prompt. Just to name a few.

My poor computer is surrounded by paints and brushes and art journals, gesso and stamps and ink pads, a pad of canvas paper and a pad of watercolor paper (note to self...dollar store watercolor paper is crappy!)

The only thing I haven't gotten around to is writing yet. But I have our 8 year old niece here for a couple of days and it just seems easier to put that off for just a couple more days.

I'm pretty proud of myself that I've been consistent the last 3 days. I hope I can keep with it. Hopefully, I will have pictures read to post by the weekend too.

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  1. ~ah...creative alchemy...love it...a rich choice of words to carry with you in the days ahead...i look forward to see where your creative muse will lead...much love light and blessings~