Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Been A Pretty Good Week

I am quite happy with myself that I consistently arted for 6 out of 7 days this week.
Was taken to this little out off the beaten path art shop where I scored some Sequin
waste for 49 cents a yard!!!
Today popped over to Hobby Lobby (crack store for poor hungry artists LOL) and picked
up 3 Aquarelle pencils (HEAVENLY! I'm in love! *swoon*), some poster board, Large blank
tags, and Score of the Day: a tube of Amsterdam Expert Series acrylic paint in Vermillion that
normal price is 9.99...on clearance for *drumroll* $1.68!!!!!!!!!!!!! And hot damn this color
is HOT!!
I'm not thrilled with my Book of Days. Mostly because the size is too small. I will finish it
out, it doesn't have many pages. It's the smaller size of Strathmore Visual Journal. It just
feels too...cramped, hard to think of collaging in, etc. I prefer an 8x10 at I'll be on the hunt for something very soon. I just am not sure what to work in next and I haven't found a
book to alter yet either. Oh well, it's too late in the night to worry about it. Tomorrow is another day.
And another day to make more art...YAY!

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